Fish and Ships: Dive The Shipyard and Explore the House Reef Wreck on Kuredu

01 Mar 2017

There is something intriguing and mysterious about wreck diving and Kuredu Prodivers is thrilled to have not one, but two wrecks to show you: The Shipyard and the wreck on the house reef.


We got thumbs up to dive and snorkel The Shipyard again after the site had been closed for a few months as the bow of Skipjack 1 broke off and fell onto the top reef. If you’ve been here before, allow us to invite you to be among the first to see how the site has changed!

Skipjack 1 and Skipjack 2 have been lying in the channel since the early 1980’s, and are now encrusted with colourful hard and soft corals. You can expect a great variety of reef life, like colourful anthias, blennies, nudibranchs, different puffer fishes, boxfish, the beautiful emperor angelfish, curious batfish or a well camouflaged scorpionfish and of course the spectacular silhouette of both ships. With a little bit of luck you might be able to spot stingrays sleeping under the wreck, a napoleon wrasse passing by or trevallies hunting a group of fusilier in the blue water.

The dive site can be dived throughout the year, but NOW is the best time to visit The Shipyard – clear water and calm surface conditions make the experience simply stunning, not to mention that you will be one of the first to see an almost new site after its appearance changed just recently.


If you just can’t get enough of wreck diving, you may also want to dive the house reef and explore the small wreck there. In 2002, Prodivers received this old fishing boat from the closeby Felivaru fish canning factory and sunk it as an artificial reef. With a depth range from 5m to 23m, it is also suitable for beginner divers. Check out the jacks on the uppermost deck, the school of batfish swimming into the current, find groupers and sweetlips at the bow or the gigantic looking reef lobsters underneath. The night dive on the wreck is extraordinary with all its shrimps, nudibranchs and critters hiding in the pipes and gaps. If you and your buddy have experience in night diving, just get some tanks ready and enjoy; if you don’t have previous night diving experience, we’d be happy to sign you up for the guided house reef night diving.

Clear your busy Kuredu calendar for a few dives – we promise it will be exciting!