World Turtle Day – Special Dive & Snorkel Offer!

17 May 2010

To watch baby Turtles hatch, or to swim eye to eye with one and be captivated by the incredibly graceful, but almost lazy way that it moves through the water, has to be top of most divers and snorkelers wish lists.

But did you know that all seven of the Earth’s species of marine turtle are classified as being threatened or endangered.

To help bring attention to the threats being faced by one of the Ocean’s gems, ‘World Turtle Day’ looks to help develop people’s understanding and knowledge of turtles and the threats that they are facing.

Prodivers is pleased to offer guests on Kuredu the chance to find out more about Turtles, and in particular about the unique community of Green Turtles that is resident just around the corner at Kuredu Caves.

In support of ‘World Turtle Day’, we are offering both snorkelers and divers the chance to take part in our ‘Sea Turtle Course‘ for a special discounted rate. As part of the course, we will also include a snorkel trip or a dive at Kuredu Caves, where you have the chance to see and experience the community of Green Turtles first hand.

World Turtle Day Special Offer:

Sea Turtle Course – Saturday 22nd May 2010 18:00 (snorkelers and divers)

Snorkel Trip to Kuredu Caves  – Sunday 23rd May 09:00 (snorkelers only)

Dive Trip to Kuredu Caves  – Sunday 23rd May 14:30 (certified divers only)

If you are going to be on Kuredu on Saturday and Sunday next week and if you are interested in finding out more about Turtles, the please drop us an email to find out more about this special offer.  A special discounted rate is available for certified divers, providing you book before the 21st May.

Turtle In Net

Find out more about what you can do to help the world’s Turtles – join us for ‘World Turtle Day’.