World Turtle Day Celebrations

24 May 2019

Sea turtles are loved by divers and snorkellers alike, and although they are seen regularly in the Maldives they are endangered worldwide and World Turtle Day not only celebrates these amazing creatures but also aims to bring global attention to their plight.

Our teams across the Maldives celebrated this special day in the best way possible – with the turtles themselves!

Prodivers Kuredu

World Turtle Day is a busy day for us in Kuredu. We went snorkelling and diving with our guests in our lagoon and at Caves, our ‘Turtle Airport’. Today, in total, we found 45 green sea turtles and one hawksbill turtle around Kuredu. Some of those were Topsie, Tharie, Baby Wilma, Peanut, Hoilday, Kaela, Simon and GöWi. We hope, all our snorkelers and divers had a lot of fun.

Prodivers Hurawalhi

On world Turtle Day Hurawalhi Prodivers together with our Marine Biologists Lynn and Tiff helped guests adopt turtles. This symbolic adoption through the Olive Ridley Project and the donation help Olive Ridley Project to continue their sea turtle conservation work in the Indian Ocean and their research of the sea turtle population in the Maldives. This research will, in turn, help them develop and evaluate conservation strategies aimed at saving sea turtles threatened by extinction.

Prodivers Komandoo

Giuliana organized a presentation for Komandoo’s guests where she explained about the incredible life, behaviour, diet and threats of sea turtles. After the presentation, Giuliana and Pierre took 14 guests out on a guided Komandoo Housereef tour where they could snorkel together with the hawksbill turtle, a very interesting turtle species which inhabits the lagoon and reef around Komandoo island.

Prodivers Vakarufalhi

At Vakarufalhi, this special day was celebrated by Turtle-Seeking Boat and House Reef dives. The team and the guests visited dive sites where sea turtles (green and hawksbill) are frequent visitors. Divers were encouraged to remove any fishing lines, nets and ropes that can cause entanglements and serious injuries to sea turtles. The diver group did a great job! They also observed one sea turtle searching for food and snacking, from very, very close. A big thanks to all the diver guests who helped save turtles from future danger!

Prodivers Innahura

On Thursday, 23rd of May we celebrated the World Turtle Day on Innahura. The decision about where to celebrate this event was very easy – we took our divers and snorkellers to our famous snorkel & dive spot: Turtle Rock. After a presentation from our resident Marine Biologist about turtles, the divers and snorkelers went into the water to take lots of photos for the identification of our resident hawksbill turtles. In total they spotted 16 turtles and everyone was excited to eventually name their own turtle. We would like to say a big thank you for all the participants, it was great to have you all in the water with us!

With Prodivers every day is a turtle day!

Please ensure your interactions with turtles are responsible by following the Sea Turtle Code of Conduct.