World Oceans Day Celebrations

09 Jun 2019

World Oceans Day is a time for people around our blue planet to celebrate and honour the oceans that we depend upon for life. The ocean generates most of the oxygen we breathe, provides food and regulates our climate plus a whole lot more but it’s in trouble and needs our help. The focus for the 2019 World Oceans Day is building on personal awareness, actions and commitments to reduce single-use plastic – a much-publicized problem in the marine environment.

Here at Prodivers the ocean is central to all that we do; divers and snorkellers marvel at the beauty of the underwater world and enjoy the sight of sharks, rays, turtles and an abundance of fish life. Our teams across the Maldives celebrated the oceans in style…

Prodivers Kuredu

At Kuredu World Oceans Day was celebrated with an island clean up, helped by 17 guests and about 10 staff. Despite the amazing job the sweeper ladies and staff do in cleaning the island every day, the wind and ocean currents ensure the work is never complete for long. The clean up team were able to collect 44 bags of rubbish mostly plastic and styrofoam but also some nets blown by the wind into the bushes around the shoreline.

Prodivers Hurawalhi

The Hurawalhi World Oceans Day celebrations were a huge success! Whilst enjoying a delicious breakfast we learned about the importance of our oceans and how we can protect them. We even had a very special appearance by a Hawksbill turtle which stopped by and out staged our marine biologists. We are more than proud to be part of the Hurawalhi family that puts such a high value on sustainability. Did you know that all trash produced on the island is being recycled? Below the surface, Hurawalhi supports another great project: A coral nursery, which is helping our coral reefs recover from rising sea temperatures and other stress factors.

Prodivers Komandoo

Divers at Komandoo celebrated World Oceans Day by helping the Prodivers Team during a clean-up dive on an underwater island close to Madivaru Island. Unfortunately the divers were able to find plenty of debris, such as plastic bottles, abandoned fishing lines, a plastic pump, plastic bags,… Most of the plastic waste worldwide ultimately ends up at sea, meaning that everyone should take immediate action to reduce the use of plastic products.

Prodivers Vakarufalhi

The team at Vakarufalhi worked together with their guests and hotel staff colleagues to clean up the house reef. Although it was already pretty clean they did manage to retrieve some garbage from the ocean. The guests helping with the World Oceans Day clean up were three repeaters who only arrived the evening before! Two of them, Sylvia and Ulrich, are enjoying their 10th visit and diving for free until they leave at the end of this month!

Prodivers Innahura

At Innahura snorkellers and divers celebrated the World Oceans Day on 8th of June to honour the ocean, which connects us all. The snorkelers joined the team to clean-up the lagoon and our divers went for a clean-up dive at the house reef. It’s up to each one of us to help ensure that our ocean is healthy for future generations. We would like to thank all of the participants who took place in the clean-up and helped to protect the ocean for the future.

Prodivers Lily Beach

There is no better way to celebrate World Oceans Day and to get to know about this fragile ecosystem, than diving for the first time at Lily Beach. Jochem started his Open Water Course with Atheef, Meng Dan enjoyed her Introduction dive guided by Sascha and Ricky went on a Discover Scuba Dive along the house reef with Benni. Reef clean up and cutting fishing line was on the program for the afternoon. All our guests and staff enjoyed their activities and we all look forward to getting back
into the ocean. Thanks for joining us at this special day.

Let’s work together to bring the world’s oceans back to full health.