Divers Celebrated World Oceans and World Environment Day at Lily Beach Maldives

13 Jun 2017

We celebrated two events on Lily Beach in the last few days – World Environment Day on 5th of June and on the 8th of June, World Oceans Day.

This year’s theme of World Environment Day was “Connecting people to nature”. It encourages worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. Our team and our divers took part in a clean up to reduce marine debris on the house reef and in the lagoon; we collected more than 10 bags of marine litter.

The World Oceans Day theme for 2017 was “Our Oceans, our Future”. The main conservation focus was on plastic pollution prevention and cleaning the ocean of marine litter.

We went with our guests to two local reefs to clean up and remove the crown of thorns starfish. One of the largest starfish in the world, the crown of thorns can cause serious harm to to coral reefs – we collected more than 40.

Each year World Oceans Day offers a unique opportunity to honor, protect and preserve the oceans of the world. A total of 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water and our oceans are very important – they produce most of the oxygen we breathe and regulate our climate. Healthy global seas are therefore crucial for our survival.

Thank you very much to all of the volunteers who helped us to clean up our reefs.