World Manta Day

19 Sep 2023

On 17th September we celebrated World Manta Day – we celebrate mantas every time we encounter them but love an official excuse to show our love of these gentle giants!

Manta Rays are the largest rays in the ocean and the Maldives is home to the world’s largest population of reef manta rays, with over 5,500 individuals. This year the focus of the event is tourism, how it contributes to manta ray conservation, but also the impacts it can have.

Tourism helps to raise awareness, generates funding for research, and contributes to efforts to protect manta ray habitats and prevent their exploitation. However, it is crucial that manta ray tourism is properly managed, to promote responsible practices and reduce human impacts on their fragile habitats, which if managed sustainably helps to ensure the long-term survival of these magnificent animals.

Sadly, manta ray populations around the world are under threat and their numbers are falling, with the following threats contributing to this: Mantas are caught in some regions of the world for their gill plates; They can easily become entangled in fishing nets and die as bycatch and even if they are released alive, the survival rate is poor; unsustainable and unregulated tourism can drive mantas away from important cleaning and feeding sites through overcrowding and poor in-water behaviour; and climate changes threaten to change the distribution and abundance of zooplankton which mantas feed on.

There were Manta Searches, Dives and Reef Safaris for guests to join, as well as fascinating talks in the evening conducted by our Marine Biologists from Manta Trust . Manta season in Lhaviyani Atoll is set to begin very soon and it’s looking promising as we’ve already had plenty of sightings – what are you waiting for? Join us and keep your fingers crossed for Manta Mania!