The Battle Continues!

03 Jul 2010

After the first 2 exciting quarter final games yesterday, we are looking forward to tonight’s games between the Trigger Fish and the Cleaner Shrimps, and the Turtles against the Lion Fish.

Both yesterdays and today’s game will decide who will go into the semi final and battle it out for the right to be called champions.

We will introduce you to all 4 teams playing today and giving it their best.

We sincerely hope that tonight’s games live up to the excitement we saw yesterday evening.

The Trigger Fish v’s The Cleaner Shrimp

Kuredu Maldives World Cup

Everybody that has had the experience of witnessing a Trigger Fish attack, can imagine the advantages that they bring to this game. The impressive set of teeth are used to intimidate their opponents.  Keep a close eye on the national anthems and watch how they bare their teeth for all to show.

Lightning quick on the attack, the Triggers throw everyone into a fearless attack, often leaving themselves exposed at the back. We can also expect a similar amount of aggression from the Trigger fish as they defend their penalty box.  Even though they seem to be so energetic and powerful, they have the talent to suddenly fall asleep and not move anymore. If they can delay the urge to sleep until the game is finished, they have a real chance to win.

The Trigger Fish opponents tonight are the Cleaner Shrimps. On paper this games looks a bit one sided – some would say even unfair, due to how small they are, but size does not always matter…

The Cleaner Shrimp are a team that is incredibly well organised, and has a deep rooted level of teamwork that other teams can only aspire to.  Their diminutive size can also work to their advantage as they are able to reach all corners of the pitch and can quickly side-step oncoming opponents, making them a hard act to follow.  Playing with clinical precision, this young team are looking for perfection in everything they do.  If they concentrate on their speed and teamwork during today’s game, they will have good chance of knocking out one of the tournament favorites.

The Turtles v’s The Lion Fish

Kuredu Maldives

The last quarter final game will be between the Turtles and the Lion Fish. Everybody loves the Turtles for the cute and lovable way they move around the pitch. The almost lethargic pace with which they play often leads teams to play a very close game, being drawn into tackles and to slow down their own pace. This is however one of the main tactics of the Turtles.  When need be, they can drop their shoulder, fake the direction and put on a burst of speed that will leave all but the quickest of fish behind.  Beware of the ferociousness of their attack.

We have seen throughout the tournament that the Turtles can be reckless in their pursuit of the goal, with everything else taking second priority. The Turtles are also blessed with a built in sense of where the goal is at all times.  We have been amazed for years as to how they can navigate their way towards the goal, like it was programed into them at birth. Unfortunately we also know that they love to sleep and rest a lot, so let’s just hope that they wait for being lazy until after the game has finished.

The team trying to beat them are the elegant Lion Fish. A pleasure to watch due to their graceful movements around the pitch, which can almost be described as a beautiful dance. Very confident in their own abilities, the Lion Fish are unlikely to shrink away from the bigger opposition.  Watch the way they hover during the anthems as a sign of defiance to the opposition.  The Lion Fish are well known throughout the tournament as having one of the most effective defenses on record.

Happy to sit back and soak up the attacks, the Lion Fish are well known to utilise their stealth technique when it comes to attacking, a technique that very often leaves the opponents wondering what happened.  They can be often seen in groups bit still act solitary and not as team, and we hope that during the game they will work together to get the best out of their advantages.

We wish all of them good luck!