Wide Angle Or Macro?

06 Aug 2010

At the beginning of the week, Yaafis was heading out on a 2 Tank Boat to Fushivaru Corner together with 5 guests and Karin and Karola, from our Office and Snorkel Team.

The conditions were perfect – no strong current and good visibility, even though there was a bit plankton in the water. After they enjoyed all the schooling fish together with several honeycomb moray eels and a napoleon, they reached the corner where the divers were welcomed by a stingray cruising along the bottom.

At the end of the dive they were all drifting towards the Thila to take some pictures of the huge school of blue stripe snappers and humpback snappers that line the cleaning stations on the Thila.

A huge female Manta Ray, reaching nearly 5 meters in width, came out of nowhere and placed herself on the top of the cleaning station in front of all the divers… One of the pictures taken by Karin shows the Manta Ray swimming right towards her.

Leaf Fish

After having finished the first great dive, the group headed towards Nakolhu Giri, to start the second dive of the 2 Tank after a 1 hour surface interval. Yaafis could show all the divers the blue ribbon eel which is also a great motif for an underwater photographer. But it came even better when they spotted a green-yellow leaf fish!

This 2 Tank offered a wide range of all kind of small and big underwater creatures… From a 5 meter Manta Ray to a small 8 cm Leaf Fish… The only question left on this 2 Tank was: wide angle or macro?!?

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