Whale shark encounter in Vakarufalhi on scooter

06 Aug 2011

On the last day of July we decided to visit the southern outreef of the Ari atoll because we heard that whale sharks were spotted in the area. We started the two tank dive cruising the outreef with underwater scooters when fortune favored us with not just one but two whale sharks. We slowly approached the whale sharks not sure how he would react to the scooters, but to our surprise they were very calm and just swam slowly along the outreef. Because of our added propulsion we managed to stay with these gentle giants for half an hour and the experience was mind blowing.

Whaleshark Diver Maldives

On the way back after the dive we passed Dugura lagoon and spotted lots of mantas in the area. We decided to do our second dive there and had another unforgettable dive with the mantas.

What better way to go diving and we had a fantastic days diving with many memorable experiences. We hope that the whale sharks and mantas stay in the area so we can share this experience with more of our divers.

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