The largest smile in the ocean…

05 Nov 2010

The buzz of excitement around both Kuredu and Komandoo has been unbelievable the past week or so,  as our divers and snorkelers have been eagerly waiting to head out on one of the special full day trips that we’ve had on. The plankton rich reefs around the Atoll have been attracting some very big visitors indeed – whalesharks.

Normally quite rare in the Lhaviyani Atoll, we watched on in amazement as the whalesharks have been returning day after day for almost 2 weeks now.  It turns out that the biggest fish in the ocean can be quite curious, staying with some of our guests for well over 30 minutes at a time. Typically whalesharks head towards deeper water when divers or snorkelers are in the water.

After the first successful full day ‘Whale Shark Search’,  we continued organizing trips to make it possible for both our snorkelers and divers to get the chance to see one of those gentle giants with the biggest smile in the ocean!

Whalesharks occassionally come up to the surface, making them ideal to snorkel with – once they have been spotted that is! A few of our boats this week also hit the jackpot with numerous Manta Ray sightings.  It wasn’t only the whalesharks that were eager to snap up the nutrients in the water.

Karola and Karin were some of the luckiest staff to enjoy the action as they came face to face with 2 whalesharks.  As the snorkelers jumped in to see these gentle giants, the whalesharks proceeded to circle beneath them for an incredible 30 minutes before disappearing into the blue.  Komandoo guests were also smiling as they were also in the water for this encounter.

Following lunch on a deserted island, Karola’s group spotted their 4th whaleshark of the day!  With a dolphin escort back to Kuredu, the day will long be remembered.  As the boats arrived back on Kuredu, the setting sun was reflected in infectious smile generated by the largest smile of them all.

[flv:01_Giant_Sized_Smiles.flv 480 272]