Welcome to the team Corina, Steffi and Marek!

28 Apr 2015

It’s with great pleasure that we would like to introduce you to Corina, Steffi and Marek who have recently joined our team on Kuredu.

Corina is originally from Germany, with a background in Marketing & Communication. Corina has decided that she wants to see more of the world before settling down, and loves diving! Since discovering the underwater world for the first time last year, Corina has been keen to combine her new passion with her desire to travel and experience new places. Corina is thrilled to be exploring the Maldives and the dive sites around Kuredu. Corina has joined our office team. (Corina is pictured in the middle above!).

Back in 2008, Marek and Steffi discovered their passion for the underwater world in the Red Sea. They then decided to become instructors and started to work in the diving industry. Prior to moving to Kuredu, they lived in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.

Aside from traveling and diving, Marek and Steffi are both found of underwater photography!

We would like to welcome them once again to the team, and wish them a great time with us on Kuredu!