Meet Julia, our new videographer!

17 Dec 2010

Spending most of your days diving and filming incredible underwater life in the Maldives is a tough job… but someone’s gotta do it!

As Darren decided to renounce his full-time job as a videographer and take up new projects at Prodivers, his favorite toy has been handed over to Julia.

A relaxed and cheerful Austrian with plenty experience in photography and videography that she has gained in Egypt, Mexico, Costa Rica and the Maldives, is bringing a breath of fresh wind to the staff team. Unsurprisingly, she’s hooked by the new dive sites she gets to explore every day and knee-deep in her new job.

Already here for a couple of weeks, we would like to introduce you to the first of her work as we kick off Season 3 of The Last 7 Days…On Kuredu!

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