Vakarufalhi’s Manta Season – Officially Open!

30 Jan 2010

From mid December to around the middle of April,  Manta Season in the South Ari Atoll is in full swing.  As if you needed even more reason to come and visit during this time!

Mantas normally live at depths up to 500 meters and only during plankton blooms or for cleaning do they come close to the surface.

At Hukuru Elhi Faru, our Manta Point, we regularly see female mantas getting cleaned. They circle above the cleaner station while little cleaner wrasses pick at their parasites and small scars they have accumulated on their bodies. It is an amazing experience to be eye to eye with this most beautiful and elegant creature.

After the dive everybody is talking nonstop about the encounter and for the rest of the day all divers have a special smile on their faces. Today was one of those days!