Never a Boring Moment on Vakarufalhi

26 Jan 2010

During the Christmas period Eleonora, an employee of T-Club, was looking after all the children on the island. Each day she thought of new games and interesting things for the little ones to do. Over the next 2 weeks, we have Raffael taking over.

Raffael is actually a yoga instructor and you can join him twice daily for relaxing yoga sessions at the end of the jetty or on the beach. Once he leaves, an astronomer will join the animation team! Deborah, a marine biologist is also on Vakarufalhi and takes out snorkeling tours along the house reef every day and twice a week in the evenings,  she is on hand to teach you nearly everything there is to know about our marine life through an underwater slide presentation.

If you are still looking for things to keep you busy on a small island, Oliviero is a musician in love with Brasilian Music, and in the evenings he plays Bossanova and Samba tunes with his magic fingers on the guitar. As you can see there is never a boring moment on the island…