Falling In Love…

19 Feb 2010
Kuredu Maldives Dolphins

Dolphin are regularly seen by our divers and snorkelers as they are out and about across the Lhaviyani Atoll, but rarely do we have the chance to swim with them. Danifaru is a spot that boasts countless sightings throughout the year, so it was no surprise when two of our full day trips came across 3 bottle nose dolphins in the shallow water.

Dolphins across the Maldives, whether they be bottle nose or the more common spinner dolphins, are typically shy creatures and although they enjoy playing and racing the boats, they normally disappear when a diver or snorkeler is in the water with them.  These 3 had other ideas though, and it almost looked like they were inviting the people to join them in the water.

Keen to take them up on the offer, some guests carefully slid into the water and managed to get to within a couple of meters of the dolphins.  Rather than disappearing into the blue, the 3 bottle nose dolphins stayed around for an unforgettable 30 minutes.

Check out this week’s  Last 7 Days…On Kuredu episode to see the highlights of the video footage of us all falling in love.