Underwater Proposal…

30 Apr 2011

On the 20th of April, when Frank, Hanna, Markus, Jonas, Tessa, Wolfgang, Sonia and our videographer Julia headed out to the ‘Untouched East’, there was 1 diver  in the group not fully aware of the plans for the day…

Wolfgang, who has visited us here on Kuredu 10 times, wanted to propose to his long term girlfriend Sonia.  Wolfgang had planned to propose to Sonia during their first dive on MuDa Thila.  With the element of surprise being critical to the event,  Frank had to convince Sonia to swim away from her buddy so that he could get ready prepared banner set up for the big question.

When Sonia returned together with Frank to the group, she was suddenly  faced with a huge banner with THE question on it: “Will you marry me?” Without hesitation she immediately ticked “Yes”!

After the dive the group enjoyed lunch and prepared for the second dive on Aliha Giri. Coming back the divers finally could raise glasses of sparkling wine to Sonia and Wolfgang and celebrate with them on the way back to Kuredu!

Wolfgang has been coming to Kuredu since 2003 and was now enjoying free diving for his 10th visit.

Prodivers wishes Sonia and Wolfgang many happy years together, both on land and under water!

[flv:Wolfgang_Sonia.flv 520 346]