How deep is your love?

29 Sep 2011

Aahh, we love our jobs, especially when we get to take part in very special, slightly different and this time – romantic dives. A couple of days ago we helped Ben, one of our guests, devise a plan to take his girlfriend on a dive. It turned out to be a very memorable one, for both of them.

Underwater proposal Kuredu

Louise, diving in open water for the first time, didn’t have the slightest idea that her first dive would be so… well, stressful. She might have forgotten the ‘never hold your breath’ rule that our instructor Muin had taught her when Ben knelt down on the sandy bottom, showing her THE question written on the diving slate.

Given Louise’s ‘yes!’, we’re happy that we could help out with Ben’s quirky surprise and we’re hoping there will be lots of memorable moments like this in their life as Mr. & Mrs. Cook!