A Day With… Turtles

22 Jan 2012

Every day this week, we are planning to introduce you to some of the incredible things that you could hope to see while diving or snorkeling with us. The first installment of this series features an incredible survivor of the natural world.

There are not too many things as cute as a turtle, and the Lhaviyani Atoll is one of the few places in the world where you have the unique chance to observe a green sea turtle community in action.

Capture that postcard moment at Kuredu Caves or in the lagoon right on your doorstep and keep your fingers crossed to come across baby turtles crawling out of their nest and help them head for the sea. The world’s toughest survivors can be admired by both divers and snorkellers alike, so make sure you pay them a visit during your stay.

Tomorrow, we are sending Dave, our videographer out to Kuredu Caves to see what the dive site throws up on a daily basis.

Check back later on this afternoon and help us to rate Kuredu Caves as a dive site!