Altogether now…… ahhhhh!

31 Jan 2011

There’s not too many things as cute as a baby turtle, and early this morning (27th January) we got a call on the Turtle Phone (it’s a bit like the Bat Phone but Darren doesn’t have a superhero costume, we don’t think…) to say that a nest was hatching.

So at 1:30am five of the Prodivers team went off to the beach near room 130 to go and have a look for themselves, and sure enough, lots of baby turtles were crawling out of their nest and heading for the sea.  All in all about 50 hatchlings appeared, and considering the amount of Green Sea turtles that live around our island they are most likely to be this species, but when they’re this small it’s a bit difficult to tell!

It is said that only one turtle in a thousand makes it to adulthood; let’s hope one of these girls makes it back to Kuredu Caves one day to add to our resident community.