Turtle hatchlings storm the beach!

20 Jul 2010

It wasn’t even DJ night and the dive center team were running around late in the evening this week!

At around 11:30 pm, the ‘Turtle Phone’ rang to let us know about that there was a turtle nest hatching on the north side of Kuredu!

When we arrived on the beach, it was clear to see that some help was needed as the beach was swarming with the baby turtles!  Unable to locate the nest itself, some Kuredu Resort staff together with guests staying in the O Resort bungalows took to offering the stray hatch-lings a helping point in the right direction as some of them appeared to have lost their way.

Turtles normally hatch around full moon, but these little guys made a surprise appearance around the new moon, meaning there was less light in the sky to help them navigate to the water.

Turtle hatch-lings have to make their way into the ocean on their own.  This helps them to program their built in GPS system that will ensure that any female turtles that survive will make their way back to Kuredu one day to lay their own eggs, completing this incredible tale of survival.

Once the turtles made it into the sea, they started swimming towards the outer reef and to the next step in one of nature’s most incredible stories of survival. During their first year, the turtles they will drift along with the ocean currents trying hard to to survive, but only 1 out of every 1,000 will make it to adult hood!

If you’re interested in learning more about the life cycle of the Turtle, check out the Turtle Specialty Course that we offer to both divers and snorkelers alike.  The course also includes a dive or a snorkel at Kuredu Caves where you can enjoy the unique community of green turtles that live there.

We would like to wish the turtles the best of luck, and hope that they one day make it back to Kuredu.