The race is on…

26 Aug 2011

It was the 23rd of August around 8:30 pm when one of the room boys of the 100 bungalow side suddenly stumbled over hatching turtles!

Immediately he informed the hotel and us and of course no one wanted to miss out this special event!

At 9:30 pm we took the chance to inform all the guests joining our Divers Night in the Babuna Bar to have them experience the “once in a lifetime” opportunity to see turtles hatching.

We encouraged all our guests to watch out carefully for little turtles around the nest. Due to the hard work digging themselves out of the nest, some of the hatchlings got so confused and were heading towards the island instead of the water.

All of us managed to help around 60 to 70 hatchlings to find their way into the water and it was an unforgettable moment to see all those little creatures swimming for their life out into the big blue ocean.

For the first year they will go with the ocean current and trying their best to survive but only one out of a thousand hatchlings will make it to adulthood. The first predators are already waiting in the lagoon when the hatchlings starting their journey.

All female turtles that hatched on Kuredu will find their way back to our famous snorkel and dive site Kuredu Caves again while the male turtles are cruising around our reefs.

Best of luck to all our little turtles out in the big blue ocean!