Top Dive Site in Lhaviyani Atoll

08 Feb 2022

The Maldives is world-renowned as being one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world – it has spectacular reef topography, an astounding array of dive sites and marine life in abundance – everything from tiny little critters to the biggest fish in the sea. Lhaviyani Atoll enjoys a huge variety of dive sites, each with their own unique features and marine life inhabitants, to pick just one of these sites as the top dive site is a very tricky task indeed, especially when it’s such a personal choice – all of us divers love different combinations! We asked our two most regular repeaters, Gina and Laurie, which site they love to dive the most and even they had a hard time deciding! They’ve dived all of our dive sites many, many times but still they love them so much they return to us for more, time and time again!

What is your favourite dive site in Lhaviyani Atoll and why?

Gina, 2400 dives and 43 times repeater
My favourite divesite would be Kuredu Express because everything is possible there. You can see sharks, mantas, eagle rays, dolphins, sailfish, ghost pipe fish and so much more. My second best site is Fushivaru Kandu because of all the baby sharks that can sometimes be seen.

Underwater Scooter Diving Maldives

Laurie, 2200 dives and 48 times repeater
“This question is very difficult to answer! Almost every dive site has provided exceptional and amazing experiences.  However, I think that I would have to say that Fushivaru is my most favourite, especially if it includes the corner, the thila and the kandu.
“The kandu is great because it isn’t too deep and often offers an opportunity to see grey reef sharks, eagle rays, stingrays, napoleon wrasse and many species of jacks to name the most prominent.  There are many other fish that can be seen there too and there is always the possibility of seeing larger pelagics.
“The corner has always big schools of banner fish and snappers in the open water and so much life closer to the reef.  The topography here also allows more opportunities to explore.
“The thila has big schools of several species of snappers and schools of schooling goatfish.  There are opportunities to find nurse sharks, napoleon wrasse and several species of jacks.  In the right current grey reef sharks and bigger jacks come here to hunt as do emperors.  In a different current and at the right time of the year reef mantas come here to be cleaned.  I have never dived this site and been glad the dive has ended.  Confession: Many times I have dived here and have probably annoyed the instructor and the boat captain because I have been slow to surface!”
Dive repeater Laurie

So there we have it, directly from the divers themselves! Thank you Gina and Laurie for sharing your knowledge and insights into the diving in Lhaviyani Atoll.

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