Top 5 Dive Sites for Thrill Seekers in Lhaviyani Atoll

18 Jul 2022

There’s no doubt about it, scuba diving is an incredible experience and when in the Maldives each and every dive has something amazing about it with plenty of big fish action, adrenalin pumping currents and spectacular reef formations as well as the more gentle dives. Divers visiting Lhaviyani Atoll will be perfectly placed to explore the corners and channels where the inner atoll meets the open ocean – the places where anything is possible. We asked our instructors in Lhaviyani for a list of the best dives for thrill seekers and here they are:

Kuredu: Kahlifushifaru Kandu, Fushivaru Kandu, Fushivaru Outreef, Kuredu Outreef, Express

Komandoo: ALL channel dives with a scooter!

Hurawalhi & Kudadoo: Kahlifushifaru Corner (KFFC), Express, Zafari Kandu, Orimas Thila (in neighbouring Noon Atoll but accessible on special trips), Fushivaru Corner

Innahura: Shipyard, Felivaru Kandu, Kahlifushifaru Kandu, Kuredu Express, Palm Beach Kandu

Check out some of the dive sites and when you arrive come and have a chat with our instructors to see what’s currently a hotspot for thrill seekers.