The Lhaviyani’s Untouched East

04 Mar 2011

Always on the lookout for new dive sites, we thought it was about time we checked out the south eastern side of the Atoll.

We have been running full day trips to this untouched corner of the Atoll for the past few weeks, but last weeks trip threw up some great treats.  As Jutta and Julia headed out with their group to Fathima Kandu for their first dive, anticipation levels were rising as to what the day would bring. Calm waters and great weather kicked the day off to a good start. Check out the incredible video highlights of the day in the latest installment of ‘The Last 7 Days…On Kuredu’.

Fathima Kandu offered a gentle current and good visibility and the divers were smiling with sightings of  eagle rays, napoleons, a sting ray and even a nurse shark!

The second dive checked out a new dive site – Faadhoo Giri.  A beautiful mix of all kind of corals and lot of fish. The top reef was covered with scorpion fish in all kind of sizes and a stone fish was also spotted. The dive was topped off with a turtle cruising along the reef.

Before the group went in for the third and last dive of the day, they were having a little break on the boat next to MuDa Thila and listening to the dive site briefing.  Jutta was suddenly interrupted by some dolphins surrounding the boat and of course focus switched to them!

15 minutes later and the dolphins were still playing around the boat, prompting the divers to slip into the water and try to get a glimpse of them.  12 of the dolphins were just as curious as the divers staying around and circling the divers for around 15 minutes before swimming away into the blue.…!

Excited about the encounter the divers couldn’t wait to get into the water for their last dive and enjoy the colourful scenery that MuDa Thila has on offer. During their dive the divers especially enjoyed the leather corals and brain corals that were surrounded by schooling fish such as sweetlips, fusiliers, snappers, glass fish and so much more…

No wonder that everybody from this trip was coming back with a big smile and still dreaming of swimming with dolphins!

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