The Blue Diaries

01 Jul 2012

Many of you will already be familiar with Mike – he has been with Prodivers for a couple of years now, and was featured in our instructor of the month as Mr January.

Those of you who have been able to visit us recently may also be aware that recently he was made our in-house videographer, and in this section you’ll get a chance to see some of the work he has been doing as he looks to upload short videos of some of the fantastic diving on offer around our Atoll over the next season.

‘The Blue Diaries’ will showcase the best footage that has been recorded around the Atoll over the past week – not only allowing you to get a taste for Lhaviyani diving but also so you can monitor Mikes progress as he learns the ropes of filming, and, as of this week, rebreather diving, enabling him to get even closer to those enigmatic pelagics.

For optimum quality, please change the setting on the above player to ‘720p’ once it starts playing!

As of Friday 13th July 2012, ‘The Blue Diaries’ will be showing in full at the dive center at 19:00! These movies are typically around 20 minutes in length and feature a whole host of activities from throughout the week – so pop along and you might see yourself being the star of the silver screen!