Ten times repeaters on Komandoo

05 Mar 2010

Five familiar faces on Komandoo; Nöel and Elisabeth Filo, Denis Hanger, plus Wendy and Gary Wilson, ready for an afternoon dive at Bodu Giri.  All are enjoying their tenth time diving with Prodivers and of course the generous 100% discount that they deserve after so many visits.

Nöel and Elisabeth have been once to Vakarufalhi and nine times to Komandoo. They will stay two weeks and plan to do around twenty fives dives each.

Denis also visited Vakarufalhi once, with the rest of visits being to Komandoo. He is staying two weeks and hopes to do at around fifteen dives.

Gary and Wendy have been to Vakarufalhi six times and four times to Komandoo. They will stay three weeks and plan to do fifty dives each!!

We asked what makes them come back to Komandoo each year and all agree that they love Prodivers staff and philosophy. “Diving with Prodivers makes us feel safe and is very well organized”. They also agree that the island is lovely, very quiet, with a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff in general. The all inclusive is a plus and the generous discount policy of Prodivers is definitely a great plus too.

The Prodivers team would like to thank you all once again and hope that you keep on coming back for years to come.