Teamwork! “The Last 7 Days…on Kuredu”

27 Jul 2011

After a short break, right in time for the “Monsoon” in Maldives we’re back with Season 4 of “The last 7 Days on Kuredu”.

The rainy season started, the weather might be a bit more “moody” than before and the visibility underwater not as great as in dry season, but with the wind and the currents come the plankton, with the plankton comes the fish and with the fish comes the predator. And for us the weather doesn’t matter – sun or rain, we’re getting wet anyway.

Check out Season 4 and see the difference – enjoy with us the rainy season!

Episode 1

Teamwork “par excellence”

Diving in waters like the Indian Ocean spoils us: Most of the time we feel like we are swimming in a huge aquarium. But when the rain season comes and the waters get more murky, people start to look a bit less happy cause it’s not what they expected or saw on pictures at home. But what you get instead is not less amazing and the good news is, since the visibility is a bit restricted, the creatures you see are even closer!

Like being thrown into a “fish-soup” we’re cruising in the currents along the reefs of Lhaviyani and enjoying the view. Millions of fishes moving as one through the water just like clouds travel the sky; from small silver bait fish, different kinds of snappers and sweetlips, to barracudas, jack fish, bait ball forming fusiliers and plenty more…

They benefit from each other by schooling which improves their defence against predators (through better predator detection & by diluting the chance of individual capture), it increases hydrodynamic efficiency and guarantees higher success in finding food and a mate. It’s the most perfect and prettiest teamwork to imagine!