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Everyone loves the Maldives’ turtles

02 Dec 2014, Posted by Barbara Tori in Komandoo

Over half of Komandoo guest and staff came to listen to Jillian give a talk about the different species of turtles we have in our atoll, details of how they live, the dangers they face and what we can do to help the declining populations.

Clean up the World 2012

10 Sep 2012, Posted by Prodivers Kuredu in General

This coming Sunday, on the 16th of September, Prodivers will be taking part in the Clean up the World Project. This is a project we have been part of for a number of years now and feel it’s a great way to both clean up…

Prodivers on Discovery Channel!

25 Jun 2012, Posted by Prodivers Kuredu in Kuredu

Described as an expert in locating hidden gems and as a person with the ability to hunt interesting stories, Lin Sutherland – a scuba diving instructor, photo journalist, videographer, marine adviser, film maker and adventurer – paid us a visit recently. We were more than…

Rescuing Olive Ridley Turtles

13 Mar 2012, Posted by Prodivers Kuredu in Kuredu

About a week ago we received a report that a bale of turtles had been caught in a fishing net not far from Kudadhu. Our turtle conservation A-team geared up and took off for what turned out to be a very emotional rescue. Though the…

Shark or Ray every day!

30 Sep 2011, Posted by Prodivers Kuredu in Kuredu

In support of the European Shark Week and global shark conservation efforts,  along with the great success of the previous two years’ events,  we are thrilled to announce that we will again run the Shark and Ray Week Special in October. Aimed at raising awareness…

Clean Up The World on Komandoo

21 Sep 2011, Posted by Prodivers Kuredu in Komandoo

As usual, at this time of the year, the international Clean Up the World event has taken place on Komandoo Island Resort. During this year’s edition, six guests and about twenty staff were involved in the activities which involved the clean up of the lagoon…

Clean up the World 2011

16 Sep 2011, Posted by Prodivers Kuredu in Kuredu

This year, like every year Prodivers Kuredu will work in conjunction with Kuredu Island Resort to take part and make a difference in the “International Clean up the World Day” which takes place during the third weekend in September. For more than 15 years we…

Yippee! It’s that time of year again!

21 Jan 2011, Posted by Prodivers Kuredu in Kuredu

No, we don’t mean Christmas & New Year, although that was a lot of fun!  We mean manta ray season for snorkelers! The numbers of sightings are picking up all over the atoll, especially at Dhanifaru and right here on our door step at the…

Clean Up the World 2010 at Komandoo

20 Sep 2010, Posted by Prodivers Komandoo in Komandoo

The annual ‘Clean Up The World’ day took place once again on Komandoo in 2010. Like every year around this time, Prodivers and Komandoo Island resort organize this one-day event to coincide with the worldwide, non-profit, ‘Clean up The World’ program. The main objective of…