Sustainable Diving Holidays in the Maldives

26 Jan 2021

The Maldives is an incredible place to dive and snorkel, the reefs and marine life are world-renowned and we know how important it is to be mindful of this fragile environment and do all we can to protect it for future generations so we endeavour to make our operations as sustainable as possible.

Coral reefs are one of the most important ecosystems on the planet and their protection is at the heart of our diving practices. The diving dhonis (boats) never anchor on the fragile reef, the dives are drift dives and wherever you surface, the boat will pick you up. We advocate good buoyancy control and correct weighting – not only for reef preservation but for your comfort and enjoyment too. Our marine biology team at Hurawalhi are managing a coral reef nursery using broken corals to replenish the reefs. The huge variety of dive sites we visit ensures they don’t get over dived, we have a look but don’t touch policy and we also help in the campaigns for designation of Marine Protected Areas.

Sharks are one of the highlights of a dive trip to the Maldives and although they are vulnerable worldwide, we are close to shark hotspots so get to see them with enviable frequency. Our marine biology team are embarking upon a new project to survey the Lhaviyani shark population as they suspect it might be the largest in the Maldives. Sea Turtles are another example of creatures in danger but flourishing here in the Maldives – we are extremely fortunate to have the largest community of green sea turtles in the Maldives residing on the reefs around Kuredu.

Our Marine Centers aim to educate both local communities and our guests, but also carry out research in collaboration with Manta Trust and Olive Ridley Project. Important tasks include removal and reporting of ghost nets, rescuing of turtles, monitoring of turtle nests, and identification of sea turtles and manta rays for the purpose of population monitoring.

The resorts where our dive centers are based are some of the most environmentally conscious in the Maldives with solar panels utilising the sun’s energy to greatly contribute to their power needs and at Kudadoo Maldives Private island, the sun powers the entire resort! The sun is also used to dry laundry wherever possible, minimising the use of industrial dryers. The resorts say ‘no’ to plastic and have their own water bottling plants, the water is then served in glass bottles, there are no plastic straws and bathroom amenities are environmentally friendly too. Paperless booking systems are in operation at the dive centers and across the resorts too.

If you want to feel a bit less guilty about a diving holiday in the Maldives, choose Prodivers at Kuredu, Komandoo, Hurawalhi, Lily Beach, Innahura or Kudadoo.

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