Sunday Afternoons at Prodivers Komandoo

25 Jul 2014

When people think of Sunday afternoons, it often brings up the image of relaxing, maybe with a glass of wine and making the most of the weekend before Monday morning comes around. However, last Sunday afternoon, in the Komandoo dive shop, there was a heated debate going on! John and Jasmin were having a disagreement over who had had the better afternoon in the water!

John had taken the dive boat to Felivaru Kandu. He checked the currents – perfect conditions for the dive and awesome visibility. The dive was packed full of big grey reef sharks, huge stingrays, turtles and tunas. John insisted that it was one of the best dives of his life, and his divers lost count of the number of sharks that swam past in the clear deep blue.

Jasmin had taken the snorkel boat to The Wall, and again jumped in to find perfect conditions. The snorkel was a great hit with the customers – turtles, big schools of colourful fish and to top it off, 16 Mobula rays, dancing and performing for the gobsmacked group. When they thought things couldn’t get any better, another 7 eagle rays turned up!

Both instructors were sure their afternoon was a great experience for them and their guests. That said, we’re curious: What’s your fondest diving or snorkelling memory with Komandoo Prodivers?