Divers are having a blast on Kuredu this summer

17 Aug 2016

We know that many of you are currently enjoying your well-deserved summer break somewhere closer to home (and can’t wait to come and see us when winter hits, right? Right?), but we thought we’d let you know that European summer is also a good time to visit Kuredu (FYI, here are the resort’s latest special offers). Our divers have been having an amazing time; weather and ocean conditions have been favourable and like at any time of the year, there’s plenty to see underwater!

We regularly organize full day trips to the neighbouring Noonu Atoll, where divers get to see some spectacular reefs, such as Orimas Thila and Christmas Rock. While we can’t decide which one we like better, let’s just say that both are worth a visit! If you’re not familiar with the shark cleaning station or Christmas Rock, find out more about them here, and check out some shark pics in the gallery, taken by Arnaud last week.

As for the Lhaviyani Atoll, the resident community of green sea turtles at Kuredu Caves still seems to be enjoying the resort’s outreef, along with several big fish that you should keep your eyes peeled for there – napoleons, eagle rays and grey reef sharks are very common, as are the tiny creepy crawlers that reside on the reef. Our favourite: the beautiful white leaf fish! Remind your instructor to point it out to you during your next dive at Caves, or at one of the other dive sites where these leaf-like fish sway in the currents. Recently, we spotted one at Mashura.

Our adrenaline junkies can’t get enough of scooter diving, so if you’d like to come up close and personal with some big fish without the hassle of swimming to the sites where these fish congregate, underwater scooters are the solution. Just look how happy Jordan (Junior AOWD) and ‘Team JJ’ are with their super hero vehicles!

There’s plenty to be seen on the house reef as well and a few days ago, Rene and his student were even lucky enough to have been surprised by a manta, mobula manta and a blacktip reef shark!

All in all, we’re having a blast and wish you were here to join in the fun. Trust us when we say that you can never get enough of the epic diving and Kuredu island life – if you need a second opinion, feel free to consult Laurie and Terri, they’re here for the 38th time!