Special reunion!

10 Oct 2010

A few days ago we had a special reunion here on Kuredu when Marc and Petra came over from the southern part of the Maldives for Marc’s 50th birthday!

When he arrived on the jetty for the big day, not only Staffan, Ray, Sabine and Jutta where there to greet him, but also Rosa and Josep from Komandoo. Also Tom and Barbara who worked with prodivers (on Komandoo) many years ago where there to meet him.

Collectively this special group have worked more then an estimated 90 years with prodivers, where Jutta, Tom and Barbara are the beginners with “only” 7 years in the prodivers team.

Ray, Sabine, Marc, Petra, Tom and Barbara all started to work on Kuredu already in the mid 90´s and Rosa and Josep at the end of the 90´s, one can just imagine that there was a lot to talk about during this reunion.

We all had a great 3 days together and wish Marc, Petra, Tom and Barbara all the best in their upcoming ventures!

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