So Long, Yaafish!

21 Sep 2015
dive the maldives

After 12 years of guiding and teaching on Kuredu, our senior instructor Yaafish decided it was time to move on and continue his career closer to his family in Male’.

Which is a real pity for us, because Yaafish, commonly referred to as ‘Yaabe’, or ‘Kuredu’s brightest smile’, had become an integral part of Prodivers. He joined us in 2003 and knit friendship ties with guests as well as colleagues. Many repeater guests would always request to have him guide their dives; the Staff Divers, Brazil Group, Mar & Ar Group, Scuba Point Group, Planeta Mergulho Group, Tiefenrausch and several others knew that with Yaafish knowing the dive sites like the back of his hand, they would surely experience the underwater kingdom of the Maldives at its best.

Everyone loved Yaabe’s briefings. While detailed when it came to safety procedures, he always worded the fish life predictions in rather vague terms, just to make sure he didn’t make any false promises. However, he would always guarantee ‘lots of fish on 5 meters’ – which he of course always got away with, given the staggering amount of life on all top reefs! Yaafish always reassured his experienced divers with ‘it’s medium current’, so the big fish action that was about to commence in the rather ripping current came as a surprise. A big smile on his face upon returning to the boat, all divers happy, and true, lots of fish everywhere!

Yaafish, you will be missed by everyone on Kuredu, and we all thank you for having had the pleasure to work with you, and we are sure many guests will seize this opportunity and wish you all the best for the future, too.