Our new Kuredu Prodivers Snorkel Team!

30 May 2011

Barbara has been in our team for almost one year now, and having worked in the office for most of that time, she decided to bring a bit more excitement into her life and has by now become a great snorkel guide! She’s keen on sharing her passion for the underwater world with guest and we’re happy that we’ll have here for another year!

About 2 weeks ago Jenna and Swen from South Africa arrived to help the snorkel team. Both were looking forward to coming to Kuredu and discover the Indian Ocean, as one of their best friends, Ludwig, used to work here with us and convinced them to apply due to his great experience as a snorkel guide. They’re both photographers and already helped our in a dive center back home, and their help and good mood has been long-awaited!

We’re happy to have a new snorkel team and wish them lots of fun while exploring the amazing underwater world!

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