Ludwig Returns to South Africa

18 Jun 2010

Everybody who has been snorkeling with us on Kuredu will no doubt know Ludwig, our lovable South African Snorkel Guide. Unfortunately though, the time has come where we have to say good bye to him.

Ludwig joined our Snorkel Team at the end of November 2008 and recently left Kuredu and headed back to South Africa where he is going to start studying at university.

Ludwig had some great encounters with all kind of different fish together with his guests while both snorkeling as well as during his dives he did in his free time. His enthusiasm for the underwater world and its inhabitants never never dropped, and through his passion for underwater photography he has able to take a lot of his memories home with him.

We would like to wish Ludwig all the very best, and hope that he enjoys the World Cup fever gripping his home country at the moment!