What Snorkelling Equipment Should I Bring to the Maldives?

12 Nov 2022

No holiday in the Maldives is complete without snorkelling to see the world-renowned reefs and marine life and here at Prodivers we have over 30 years experience introducing hundreds of people to the underwater realm every year. We help our guests fulfil their dreams of swimming with turtles and getting their bucket list ticks for seeing manta rays and many other creatures whilst out on the snorkelling trips with us. One of the great things about snorkelling is that there is minimal equipment to think about, it is however, important to get that equipment right.

Mask – we recommend a traditional, good quality mask that encloses just the eyes and nose. A good fit is really important – you want to be comfortable and you want to be able to see! A cheap, poorly fitting mask has the potential to ruin a snorkel trip and put you off the activity for good. Our snorkel guides will be very happy to check the fit of your mask and advise you on preparing it to prevent it misting up.
Top Tip – replace the standard mask strap with a neoprene one and it will transform your experience – no tangles in your hair and easy to put on as well as making the fit much more comfortable.

Fins – not too tight or they’ll give you cramp which is not good when snorkelling. Full foot, plain fins are the most reliable choice and will last you for years. It’s not necessary to have bulky fins with straps at the back and separate boots – the water is a balmy 29 degrees and you are not going to get chilly feet!
Top Tip – fins are an absolute must when snorkelling, swimming in a current with out them is very tiring and not recommended – don’t be tempted to try it.

Snorkel – a basic snorkel with no valves is what you need, just the plain tube type – they are easier to use with no risk of the valve leaking due to a stray grain of sand! If at any point you feel a little water in the bottom you can either pop your head up and take it out of your mouth to empty or, in a snorkelling position, a sharp breath out (like when pea shooting!) will clear it.

Optional Extras:

Wetsuit or Rash Guard – with year-round warm water temperatures, a wetsuit isn’t necessary for snorkelling but it’s a good idea to wear a rash guard to protect your skin from the strong rays of the sun. A physical barrier is the best protection against sunburn whilst in the water and it also helps to protect the reef from the damaging effect of most sun lotions.

Fish ID Slate – the abundance of fish in the Maldives is world-renowned and it’s sometimes really tricky to explain what you’ve seen and then get a name for the ‘yellow spotty fish’ – take the slate with you and identify the creatures as you go!

Camera – you are going to see some incredible sites and with an underwater camera you’ll be the social media envy of all your friends back home – imagine that selfie of you snorkelling with mantas in the background, or you standing on the boat on your way to a snorkel site whilst dolphins jump the waves next to you…

You can either buy everything before you arrive, purchase it from our shop when you get here, or rent it as you need it – whether you rent or buy, we will make sure the equipment is fitted correctly.

To book your snorkel trips pop into the dive centre or us the resort apps when you have confirmed reservations at: Kuredu, Komandoo, Innahura and Hurawalhi.