Are You A Diver Without a Buddy? No Problem!

11 Aug 2021

Recreational diving is an activity carried out in pairs, within groups or just the buddy pair alone, but never as a solo diver. This can create anxiety if you’re not travelling together with another diver; it even can put people off diving altogether. Here at Prodivers we want to reach out to all those single divers out there, those who love diving and who will be holidaying alone, or those travelling with a partner who doesn’t dive (no matter how much convincing you’ve tried to do!). You can dive with us, and you’ll have a buddy!

We have many, many divers who come into our dive centers alone and go on to enjoy a full program of diving activities with us. No special arrangements are needed (you can of course contact us if you’d like to let us know you are visiting soon and would like some reassurance), simply sign up for any diving activity you’d like to do, starting with the orientation dive for certified divers and we’ll arrange the rest. The instructor in charge of each activity will pair you up with another single diver of similar experience, or dive with you as their buddy. You’ll meet some like-minded people and you might even end up signing up for more diving together, one thing is certain – you’ll have an incredible time!

The underwater world of the Maldives is too good to let the lack of a buddy stop you – at Prodivers you’ll always have a buddy.