The Silvertips Are Back!

25 Jun 2010

Around the same time last year, divers from Kuredu and Komandoo had some great encounters with Silvertip Sharks on KFFC.  The good news is, they are back!

It seems that the year away from the waters of the Lhaviyani Atoll has also allowed them to lose their fear of cameras as we have had them coming very close to pose for photographs.

After an initial sighting at KFFC, one of our instructors, Markus, returned to the site 2 days later together with 5 guests and managed to snap the picture you see here.

Take a close look at the photo as behind the big Silvertip at the front is an adult Grey Reef Shark.  Silvertip Sharks have very distinct tips to their fins.  Add in the fact that the adults reach well over 3 meters, you can appreciate that it is not easy to confuse the two.

A great afternoon for our divers!