Gifts for All Who Love the Ocean at Prodivers Shop

20 Dec 2023

The Prodivers shops are brimming with merchandise that ocean lovers will be delighted with – either as a gift or as a treat for yourself! High quality brands such as IQ-UV, Fourth Element, Problue, SEAC SUB, Dive Silver & 69Slam along with bespoke Prodivers T-shirts, including our special edition 35 year anniversary collection, adorn the shelves.

There is plenty of choice for anyone wanting to make a responsible choice with regards to sun protection – we do not advocate the use of traditional sunscreen as it is very damaging to the fragile coral reefs and is a factor responsible for coral bleaching; given that the Maldives is a world-renowned scuba diving destination and the divers and snorkellers who choose this island nation for their holidays want to see reefs teeming with life, we hope our guests will support us in choosing reef-friendly sunscreen and wearing UV protective rash guards to limit the amount of harmful chemicals from entering the ocean.

Those discovering the delights of the ocean for the first time, or those wanting an equipment upgrade, can make use of the expert knowledge of our team and get a good quality mask that fits properly along with fins and snorkel. Diving accessories you may have forgotten to pack or have seen our instructors using and simply must have, can also be found in the shop along with handy underwater fish ID slates and a selection of reference books that will help keep the diving memories alive long after you have returned home.

Those of you who will be visiting us for the Christmas period can pick up an ocean related gift for someone special – a few days before Christmas Day there will be a discount on our Dive Silver Jewellery items and 20% off the Prodivers 35 Year Anniversary collection, so don’t panic buy at home and hide within the luggage – wait until you’re here and enjoy a tropical Christmas shopping trip instead!

Please contact our team if you have any questions about what is available in the Prodivers shop.