Shark or Ray Every Day

26 Jan 2012
Kuredu Express shark dive Maldives

Everyone wants to experience the thrill of diving with sharks. Over 15 species of sharks have been sighted in our atoll, 6 of which are regularly seen by divers.

The abundance of these incredible creatures makes chances quite high and few divers leave disappointed.

Be it shark action on our trips to the Noon Atoll, a ride on Kuredu Express or coming across one when you expect it least, it’s undoubtedly an opportunity not to be missed by any avid scuba enthusiast.

We’ve included both dive sites in our Top 5 list – don’t  forget to rate them and read follow-ups on our Blog and Facebook to see what our ‘shark dives’ had to offer this week!  Till then – enjoy the ‘A Day with Sharks’!