Shark Encounters – Photographed by You!

27 May 2021

If scuba diving, or even snorkelling, with sharks is on your bucket list come and spend a holiday with Prodivers – a tick on the list is easy to achieve! The Maldives is a world-renowned shark sanctuary and these fascinating creatures can be seen at a large number of sites. Nurse sharks and leopard sharks can be found resting on the reefs, baby blacktips hunt in the lagoons while grey reef sharks and even silver tips cruise the channels. Out of the blue you might see a whale shark or surprise visitors such as tiger sharks and hammerheads plus many more – in the ocean around the Maldives anything is possible!

In celebration of how much we all love sharks and how grateful we are to the government of the Maldives for upholding the ban on shark fishing in Maldivian waters, let us share with you some of the great images our guests and staff team have taken and kindly allowed us to use. If you would like to share your images with us for use in future galleries, please upload them here.

Title image by Ray Van Eeden