Exciting times ahead…

06 Jul 2010

The first two teams to meet each other in the Semi Final are the Dolphins versus the Turtles. Earlier we mentioned all the advantages of the different teams and this time we have to make special mention of the goal keepers. Even though they don’t play a part in the actual attack they are the final defense for the team. The outcome of the game depends a lot on how good the keeper is in stopping the opposing team to score a goal!

The Dolphin’s team keeper belongs to the family of the Spinner Dolphins and is mostly found in tropical waters. The name comes from their habit to jump out of the water and spin around – a perfect skill to qualify as goal keeper. He must be very athletic and sometimes even acrobatic! The Dolphin’s keeper is born in 1986 and started his career with the U-17 and U-20 league, but his real career began in 2004. For his fans he is better known as the “Little Beaver”.

The Leatherback Turtle is the number 1 of all the turtles due to their speed. The size also plays an important role as the Leatherback is the biggest member of the family. His size allows the keeper to reach easily into every corner as the goal is 2.44 meters high and 7.32 meters wide! The Turtle’s keeper is born in 1982 and first played as a defender when he was a young, but has since changed his position to being goal keeper. He is also the first goal keeper of a National Team who got send off when he got a red card for a Foul…

We will see who of the two keepers will be able to control themselves and use their unique skills to protect their goal and help their team to gain victory!