Rare seahorse found in the Kuredu lagoon!

21 Apr 2015

Who said the Maldives is not a place for the macro lovers! While undertaking a Discover Scuba Diving session, Sylvain and his students spotted a seahorse in the lagoon, just a few meters off the beach on Kuredu.  Not only was Sylvain impressed with his find, but it was amazing for the students that were taking their first ever dives!

Despite Sylvain’s attempts to keep his discovery a secret, news spread fast and at the end of the day’s work, the lagoon was full with the Prodivers’ team all hoping to see a glimpse of the little creature.

Seahorses are members of the hippocampus family, and can be found in waters all over the world.  Sightings in the Maldives are very rare though. Ranging from 1.5cm up to 35cm in size, they are often found wrapped around pieces of coral, or in this case, around a piece of rope.

Well done Sylvain!