Ready for Diving Post-Covid?

26 May 2022

With travel now almost back to the pre-pandemic normal, divers are dusting off their fins, checking their wetsuits still fit and getting their regulators serviced ready for a long-awaited diving holiday. The recent relaxing of restrictions for tourists entering the Maldives has seen an influx of excited divers who can’t wait to get back in the water again. For those of you who haven’t heard, there is no longer a PCR testing requirement to enter the Maldives, regardless of vaccination status – this removes a lot of the pre-holiday stress that many were waiting to avoid.

If you’re planning on diving with us again soon, remember to check the medical declaration before you arrive so that any new health conditions or concerns are checked, if required, by a medical physician – we want to avoid disappointment on arrival. Since the pandemic began there have been many changes in advice to divers who have had Covid-19 and, due to evolving knowledge of the virus, the advice is now that if you have had Covid and have recovered, you do not need a medical to be able to dive, as long as you have been left with no conditions that would give a ‘YES’ on the medical form – this is great news!

Please complete the Prodivers Online Check-in in plenty of time prior to arrival, it helps us to know what types of dives interest you the most, how many dives you are thinking of doing and has the medical form there for completion too – all of this saves you time when you arrive.

Whilst here, please be assured that our team follow stringent equipment cleaning guidelines. We ask our divers and snorkellers to practice good hygiene and not rinse a mask that has been prepared with saliva in a water bucket – please take water to your mask instead of dunking! Test octopus regulators by purging prior to the dive and obviously do not take part in diving and snorkelling activities if you feel unwell.

The entire Prodivers team is looking forward to providing you with a safe, happy and exciting diving experience very soon.