Join the Scooter Joyride: Top 4 Dive Sites You Shouldn’t Miss

12 Aug 2015

Scooter diving provides action-packed dives to all adrenaline junkies. Diving with a scooter in the Lhaviyani Atoll is definitely different and more fun than any other diving activity. We are lucky to have narrow channels, or kandus, where you get the chance to observe schools of sharks and eagle rays up close and personal throughout the dive.

With more than fifty dive sites nearby (and new ones being discovered regularly), the playground for scooter joyrides is big, though as you may or may not know, it all depends on what the currents are doing.

When the currents are on our side, scooter diving will blow your mind away. And if it’s also the right star alignment over Komandoo, these sites may surprise you with once-in-a-lifetime sightings that will raise the bar and be difficult to surpass anywhere else in the world.

Here is a selection of our favorites places to fly over the ledge:

Kahlifushifaru Kandu (KFFK): Deep channel next to Hurawalhi (new resort opening in 2016!). This is for sure one of the best shark points of the atoll. It is usual here to meet a squadron of 20 to 30 eagle rays swimming in a group right below the divers. This is also the channel where silvertip sharks are often seen, as well as lemon sharks.

Fushivaru Kandu: Our repeaters usually get very excited as soon as we mention Fushivaru because of the manta cleaning stations in the middle of the channel – and we can’t blame them! This channel, one of the atoll’s marine parks, is very ‘sharky’ and is home to a grey reef sharks’ nursery. Finishing the dive around the cleaning stations is oftentimes the highlight of the day’s diving. Our 10-time repeaters, David and Sarah (in the photo), will surely agree.

Felivaru Kandu: This one is different! We are not only talking about a few sharks and eagle rays cruising around, but also about the beautiful landscape, a sand dune full of hidden sting rays, schools of barracudas, and more. The most experienced divers could even finish the dive around The Shipyard.

Komandoo House Reef: The new team on Komandoo created the »Prodivers Komandoo Race Club« and gives every scooter diver the opportunity to try to beat the record of the fastest lap around the island, you know, just for the fun of it!