Scooter diving in the Maldives – the ticket to big fish dives

20 Oct 2022

It’s no secret that the Maldives is a divers’ paradise when it comes to big fish: sharks, rays, tuna, schools of jackfish and barracuda are all frequently seen around the dive sites. But what is the best way to see these larger species up close, in their natural environment? Simple: scooter diving!

Diving with scooters, or Diver Propulsion Vehicles to give them their proper name, is a great way for divers to be able to dive in stronger currents, or cover greater distance during their time underwater. They are also great fun!

Larger pelagics such as sharks and rays love hanging out in the current – and they make it look effortless too. If you’ve dived in a fairly strong current before, you’ll be familiar with kicking like crazy and getting nowhere fast while watching your air disappearing at a rapid rate. Divers using an underwater scooter have a very different experience of diving in currents – the scooters do all the hard work and the divers can just relax and enjoy the amazing experience of being surrounded by some of the Maldives’ larger marine inhabitants.

Scooter diving is only available for those already certified as divers, and before you are able to go out and come face to face with schools of sharks, you will need to complete an introduction course. The course enables you to get used to controlling the vehicle underwater, in a safe environment.

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