Sailfish Showtime!

26 Sep 2014

An unforgettable morning was had by some of our divers this week on a 2 Tank dive trip to Anemone Thila and Kuredu Caves.

As Jenna and her divers approached the submerged reef of Anemone Thila, the dhoni crew spotted some activity close to the site. Upon reaching the action, they realised that there were 2 sailfish in the water, hunting in a school of needlefish.

After trying, pretty unsuccessfully to snorkel with one of the fastest fish in the ocean, the group of divers began their dive on Anemone Thila.

10 minutes into the dive, and Jenna spotted that the sailfish and the schooling fish had made their way directly over the top reef. What happened next, and for a staggering 20+ minutes will remain as a highlight for the divers for the rest of their lives.

The sailfish proceeded to continue hunting amongst the petrified school of needlefish, plucking off the slower ones at will.

Luckily, Swen, our videographer was also on hand to capture the action!