Sailfish on Anemone Thila

10 Jan 2015

What a great way to start a dive on one of the Atoll’s most loved dive sites!

As Rosa and Josep arrived with their divers from Komandoo recently at Anemone Thila, they were greeted with some splashing at the surface. Without hesitating, they went to investigate and to their surprise, there were two magnificent Sail Fish cornering a shoal of small fish.

Without any further delay, Rosa and Josep took their divers into the water, hovering at around 5 meters to enjoy the spectacle. For twenty minutes or so, they were lucky enough to enjoy the sight of watching these creatures hunting

It was awesome, and thankfully, Rosa and Josep managed to capture the experience on video!!

It’s starting to look like this is becoming a regular occurrence as this is the second time in the last few months, that these majestic fish have been seen at Anemone Thila!