Sail Fish On Broken Rock

02 May 2010

Broken Rock never fails to disappoint.  Well known throughout the diving world, the dive site close to Vakarufalhi picked up its name from the canyon that splits the dive site into 2 parts.

But it wasn’t the canyon on Broken Rock that grabbed the divers attention this week as Antonio and his guests from Vakarufalhi came literally face to face with a Sail Fish.

Sail Fish are very often seen from the boats as they jump out of the water, attempting to secure their prey, but sightings under the water are a

Sail Fish Broken Rock Ari Atoll

lot rarer.  Sail Fish are one of the fastest fish in the ocean, and can reach speeds of up to 70mph (110 km/h) and so getting a photo is no easy task!

But this particular Sail Fish was not bothered by the divers and hung around for several minutes, showing off its sail for all to see.  This ‘sail’ can be extended to help them while hunting their prey and is how the Sail Fish gets its name.

A great experience for all those on the dive itself!