Safe Snorkelling in the Maldives

05 Aug 2022

Almost all who holiday in the Maldives cite snorkelling amidst the coral reefs abundant with marine life, as one of their best and most memorable holiday experiences. The warm, crystal clear lagoons provide the ultimate location for trying snorkelling for the first time and the varied and interesting reefs ranging from pretty underwater islands to steep drop-offs, keep even the most seasoned pro entertained for days on end. Before you go snorkelling please note the following safety tips to ensure your adventures in the ocean are both fun and safe:

  • Fins are a must if snorkelling and advised if swimming out of your depth. You may encounter ocean currents and fins will make it much easier to swim in the desired direction.
  • Never snorkel alone – for your safety, find a snorkel buddy or join our guided activities.
  • Keep an eye on the shore to ensure you’re not drifting too far away.
  • Join a snorkelling course for beginners or ask for advice from our team.
  • Don’t pick anything up from the sandy bottom or the coral reef – it’s safer for you, and whatever you’ve seen to simply look and admire.
  • Wear sun protection – the sun is very strong when you’re this close to the Equator and you won’t realise you’re burning while in the water. We recommend ‘Reef Safe’ sunscreen to help look after the health of our oceans. Sun protective swimwear and rash guards are a great way of reducing the need for sunscreen too.
  • Pop along to the Dive Center and find out about the local conditions and you’ll get some really good advice on the places to swim and practice snorkelling, as well as any areas to avoid due to the potential for strong currents.
  • Use traditional mask, snorkel and fins – we do not recommend full face snorkelling masks
  • Marine life in the Maldives is incredible with not only an abundance of colourful fish to watch but turtles, sharks and rays too. There’s no need to be afraid of any of it – the sharks are not interested in humans and stingrays actively move away if they sense you getting too close, in fact you’ll have to purposefully sneak up on them if you want a good picture!

Most importantly…enjoy and have fun!

There are lots of guided snorkelling activities available at Kuredu, Komandoo, Hurawalhi and Innahura and by joining the snorkel guides you’ll not only have the peace of mind that you’re in safe hands, you’ll also get to see some incredible marine life too!